The very lovely Camy from Vanitytrove invited me to this event. Thank you for thinking of me! I was very interested in this event before going because it’s about pore solution products! And I have serious issues with pores especially the ones on my nose.

Mandapanda and I at Food for Thought, 8Q SAM.

Products by Neogence, a brand from Taiwan.

Waiting for the presentation to start.

Dr Hsieh was the speaker and even though he spoke in mandarin, I think I was able to catch certain things here and there with my lousy chinese. As we live in the tropical zone where the weather is hot and humid, our skin gets oily easily and results in pore blockage. Thus, it’s easy for us to get white/black heads or acne.

The new line of Neogence products aids in recuperating sebum, controlling germs, dissolving white heads and rebuilding pores!

Dr Hsieh told us that we should always use a spatula for products that come in a tub/pot. Never ever dig your fingers into it because your hands are filthy even though you think they are clean. So why not put the products in a tube instead?!

Some products from Neogence that were used in the presentation. The extreme off-heads serum is what I need as it has a complex acid that can dissolve acne, double efficiency in oil control and maintains sebum excretion.

After the presentation, we were treated to yummy food by Food for Thought.

I cannot not take pictures of food. :D


Mini chicken and squid sticks.

Spicy chicken drumlets.

Bacon and cheese mini quiche

Mushrooms in puff pastry

Cream puffs

Apple crumble

Thank you Sasa for the Neogence goodie bag! I was extremely happy to see the off-heads and pore-reducing serum in the bag! I’ve already started using them and I can’t wait to see the results. Find out more about Neogence products here.


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