Some shots from the W.A.S. / Neon Trees concert.

We Are Scientists.
Keith Murray.

Chris Cain rocking his old school look. If he had long straight hair, he would totally look like my dad when he was young.

Neon Trees
Tyler Glenn, lead vocals.

Branden Campbell on bass.

Elaine Bradley on drums, backing vocals. She’s one woman with loads of attitude.

I went to this concert for Neon Trees but ended up liking We Are Scientists more. HAH! But all in all, it was a great performance by the 2 talented bands.

dome cafe, shaw house

met up with soo and noo to celebrate noo’s belated birthday. we ate at dome cafe because i had a $20 voucher.

soo’s seafood marinara.

noo and i both had the pan seared fish which was alright and totally not worth $15.90.

dessert was not bad. warm apple crumble with vanilla ice cream.

i have to say i was disappointed with their service. they forgot about noo’s order and she had to wait 30 minutes for it. when our water cups were empty, they did not refill it until we asked.

some pictures of us. lugging the huge camera around was a burden but it was all worth it. :D

street photography

brought my camera out not only to take pictures of my food but people on the streets as well. i’m running out of pictures to draw from. i know i’m such a cheater but we have no time to go out on the streets to draw. i took most of the pictures from my hip so people wont get terrified by my camera.  these are my favourites from the lot.

people like her, look more natural when they do not suspect that you’re taking pictures of them.

and because i didn’t shoot this from my hip, you can see that man over there staring at me. lol.

260610: WC cows

met up with leeam and gwenzie to celebrate gwenzie’s birthday. after lunch, we headed to this field along killiney road and took pictures with the soccer cows.

top: zara
skirt: zara
shoes: aldo
socks: gmarket
necklace: d.i.y.
bag: foggiare

number 9 represents coughstorrescoughs.

ah leeam still loves her beckham.

i have no idea who’s number 10. haha!

apparently you can keep the cows if you give a donation to the company. i don’t think they are cheap though.

i love you both :D