Random post!

From top (left to right): Agnes B. card wallet. Ted baker wallet. Rilakkuma coin pouch. HTC sensation phone with a polaroid case. ♥

Yoobao portable charger (this is so good because my phone always runs out of battery when I’m out the whole day). Acaci zero oil solution. Bath & Body work’s strawberry hand sanitizer. Pouch from H&M.

And lastly, my bag from Charles & Keith.


Some friends have been asking me to put up my wishlist so that they don’t have to crack their brains on what to get me. Please choose wisely! Or better yet, think of something else besides these. :P

Just some random things that I like and might get in the future. It’s just that I’m too busy to even go shopping at the moment.

Thank you my lovely friends! ♥♥♥


Titanic exhibition at MBS. Quite amazing how long things can last underwater.

Some huge mural outside the exhibition hall.

Mushroom quiche from beanstro.

Sticky bun from simply bread! My favourite.

Homemade deokkbokki which has too little sauce.

Did my nails one day and removed them 1 hour later because the cheap navy polish from faceshop took soooo long to dry. OPI is still the best.

Chicken salad.