Some snippets of my life through the lens of my mobile phone.

#1 Had a free ticket to FT Island courtesy of kuma’s mom! But it’s pretty sad knowing that all of them are younger than me by a year or two.

#2 My niece’s uber cute elmo sandals.

#3 Finally got sophie monk’s strawberry blackhead bye bye set.

#4 Random photo.

#5 My brother with his freshly shaven head.

#6 Party room at bert’s.

#7 Potluck! I made the drumlets.

#8 Laoban soya beancurd. So so good. It’s my 2nd tub in 2 weeks and I still have one more in the fridge :D.

#9 Love this skirt from forever21 but it makes me look really short and fat. Did not get it in the end.

#10 Shimeiji mushroom tempura salad at Tampopo, Ngee Ann City.

#11 Tonkotsu rice bowl also from Tampopo. The meat so was juicy and tender!

#12 These sweaters were on offer at forever21. Got the green one because I don’t have many green stuff in my wardrobe.



I was delighted when I saw Moschino Cheap & Chic E-mook at kinokuniya. It’s one of my favourite runway brands!

The e-mook comes with a heart shape printed tote bag. It looks pretty good in the picture, right?

But sadly, the bag wasn’t what I expected. And the dimensions of the bag look very different from the picture. :( I shall just carry it a few times to make my money worthwhile.


Good music makes my ears happy. Here are some old/new singers and bands that I’ve been listening to lately. Some are well-known, some are not.

Adele. Who doesn’t love her? She only needs her voice and a piano to perform.

Favourite songs: Someone like you, Rumour has it, Turning tables.

A Fine Frenzy. She has been around since 2007 but not very famous in our region for unknown reasons.

Favourite songs: Almost lover, Blow away, Electric twist

Eliza Doolittle. LOVE HER LOADS. Enough said. Can’t wait for her next album.

Favourite songs: Her entire album.

Joe Brooks. I like him not because he has a pretty face. His voice is just so… lovely. I have a thing for guys who play acoustic guitars. Like Jason Mraz.

Favourite songs: Superman, Holes inside (his latest single)

Rachel Platten. I heard her single on radio and liked it instantly. Have not really listened to her album properly yet though.

Favourite song: 1,000 ships

Sky Ferreira. Her songs are more electro-pop than the indie-pop I’m into these days. I have no idea why I like it but I do.

Favourite songs: 17, Obsession, One

We Are Scientists. Saw them live this year with neon trees and fell in love with their music.

Favourite songs: Rules don’t stop, I don’t bite, Nice guys, Jack & ginger, Pittsburgh, Inaction, Can’t Lose, Great Escape


#1 Latest issue of lula and a pair of forever21 sunnies. Now that it’s so sunny everyday, I think we should all protect our eyes from the UV rays.

#2 HTC sensation. My new phone! I paid 45% for this phone while my dad paid the rest. I’m unbelievably broke now.

#3 Necklace from wardrobe flux’s grab bag.

#4 Art of alice: madness returns. Waiting for my income to increase substantially before I get the game.

I’m currently on a shopping ban until H&M opens in september and I’m doing well so far. :D


Chiffon top from Missypixie.

Longchamp Plan├Ętes tote in Night Blue. It’s a birthday gift from my aunt. She got it when she was in Europe.

A lovely pop-up in the February issue of little thing magazine.

88 warm palette from gmarket.

Palgantong loose power from gmarket as well. The packaging looks super chinese and unattractive but apparently, it’s widely used by celebrity make up artists in korea and japan. I’ve already started using it and I’m in love. It gives a flawless matte finish on your skin (I use it above my BB cream). You can read about it here.

I seriously feel like i’m getting vain with all these make up buys.