l’espresso high tea buffet

we went for l’espresso’s high tea buffet last month to celebrate leeam’s birthday. if you like desserts, this is the buffet for you. but even though i love desserts,  this was too much for me. i needed savoury foods to counter all the sweetness but sadly, their savoury stuff was kinda disappointing.

smoked salmon salad. yums.

cake slices. i didn’t eat any except for the banana tart which was too sweet for my liking.

bite sized cakes.

round one: assorted sandwiches. hits: mango/shrimp croissant and the cucumber sandwich. miss: parma ham sandwich. my taste buds didn’t like them.

cafe chocolate.

i think this was leeam’s plate. she didn’t like the parma ham stuff either.

hit: smoked salmon salad.

warm blueberry scones. THE BEST. but oh so filling.

assorted bite sized cakes. i only liked the fruit tart and the chocolate cake below it.

besides all these, they had creme brule, this vegetarian tortellini pasta thing which was totally overcooked and mushy (even for the second batch)! argh. well there’s obviously some hits and misses in this buffet but i don’t think i’ll be coming back unless i really really crave for some of their marvelous scones and the mango shrimp croissant.

we took a lot of polaroids which i will scan soon!

had an lovely outing with my girls. <3


birthday at saizeriya and azabu sabo

had dinner with my uni friends at liang court after class today :D

saizeriya is a japanese chain which sells reasonably priced italian food.

the girls. :D

and 2 dudes. the rest couldn’t make it due to work and stuff.

we ordered loads of sides to share:

escargots for $5.80. pretty alright but i prefer the one at au petit bistro/salut.

sausage platter.

panda’s meat and mushroom spaghetti.

eli’s squid ink pasta. it looks scary.

my baked rice with meat sauce which costs only $4.20.

kuma’s chicken baked rice.

we shared a double cheese pizza.

berty’s rib eye steak.

loks’ hamburg steak. this is only $7+. amazingly cheap for the huge serving.

after dinner, we walked to central for dessert at azabu sabo.

my brother’s twin joined us too. most of us shared because we were too full.

some shots of my birthday cake surprise in school.

my favourite strawberry shortcake. :D panda knows me best. hoho.

retarded face of mine.

would like to take this chance to thank everybody who wished me on this very day. much love to you all :)

mad jack + bertie’s birthday

the digipeners celebrated bertie’s belated birthday after watching iron man 2 today. I LOVED THE MOVIE. even more so than the first one.

we got bertie the art of iron man. i want it too!! the art of iron man 2 is out as well. sigh. i need a job but i don’t think i can find one that lets me work only 2 days a week.

food pictures are self-explanatory. we wanted to eat at astons but the queue was insane.

all i can say is… astons > mad jack.

this is a lumpy post

yes this is a lumpy post because i am going to lump 4 days worth of stuff in this post all thanks to my laziness.

met up with gwenzy last wednesday to shop for ah liam’s present as well as to plan for her big surprise the following monday.


we had dinner at sushi tei because gwenzy wanted to try the unagi kimchi bento.

despite me saying that i want to try something else, i still ate the delicious mess (for the third time) in the end.

love this random shot that gwenzy took of me. i had to tie my hair in a braid because it was so untidy.

on saturday, i went to am’s for my haircut. this time, i gave her this picture for reference. :D

it doesn’t really look the same due to the colour and texture but i still love it.

i just need to curl in the ends of my hair. i bought cheap curlers at daiso. hah!

and it’s a tradition to eat at the thai place near am’s house after my haircut.

seafood vermicelli.

basil chicken. it’s a must-order!

mango salad. we also had tom yam soup and a plate of kang kong. 5 dishes for $27. so worth it.

met up with some of my secondary school mates. incidentally, none of them are from my class. LOL. friendships works in mysterious ways.

anyways the main purpose was to meet up with william a.k.a. pra pra to me, noo and soo. he’s pursuing his studies in US and was here for a week to visit.

dinner was at pizza hut.
self-shot fail.

drumlets shared between noo, soo and i.

pra pra and i had the vegetarian podomoro.

while noo and soo had the spicy chicken podomoro. the rest of the 3 dudes had something else but i can’t be bothered to get a shot of their food. *coughs*

the service at plaza singapore’s pizza hut sucks. that’s all i can say. the staff can’t differentiate the chicken podomoro and the vegetarian podomoro which led into a huge confusion and ya-da ya-da. they didn’t even apologize!

we shifted to hot tomato after that to accompany a friend for dinner. entertained ourselves by taking timer shots.



we reminisced about the good ol’ secondary school days. gossiped a little and found out that quite a few people have gotten hitched. insane.

it was ah liam’s birthday on monday! woke up early to prepare bentos for my girlies.

this was ah liam’s because she loves crayon shinchan.

met gwen at bedok before heading to liam’s house to surprise her. we almost failed because we saw her at the void deck! she was shocked to see us there though. HAHA!

happy birthday dearest liam :)


went to tampines mall for a while. bought a black slouchy bag from charles and keith. yes, i know i have many bags. but i can’t help it. :\ besides it was on 30% discount.


left the girls at 2.30 and met mal for mint museum. shall blog about it another day due the huge amount of pictures i took. :P

green-chan’s 21st!

24 july 2009: green chan’s birthday celebration 1 week in advance. met the girls after work at orchard.

first we had dinner at sushi tei.

liam and green chan ate the ebi tempura don.

i had the unagi kimchi don which was SO good despite it’s unappetizing looks. i call this the delicious mess. too bad it’s on the seasonal menu.  go try it before it ends in september!

love green-chan’s new haircut. :D so pretty.

after dinner, we went back to the hotel, royal plaza on scotts to relax and wait for green-chan’s birthday cake.
took lots of picture in the toilet. this is so meant for couples please. i see no other point in making a toilet with a glass panel.

like seriously, i think husbands will get bored looking at their wives bathe because they take a longer time to do so. wives wouldn’t even want to look at their husbands bathing. but i think it will be quite cool for life drawing… HAHAHA. *coughs*

green-chan’s friend, maya, came with the cake at around 11+pm. doesn’t it look beautiful?! i squealed in my heart when i saw it. strawberry galore!!!

the birthday girl and her cake.

liam and i fresh after bathing.

me in my favourite strawberry shortcake nightie! it was a gift from liam.

we played a bit of mario kart on wii.

and a few rounds of uno.

a pretending-to-sleep shot before we actually fell asleep.

the next morning, green-chan and i had breakfast at carousel. i love the pastries.


instax pictures that we took.

a simple and wonderful get together. :) love my girls.