I’ve been sewing a lot during this Christmas season and giving them as gifts. Will post pictures of the rest soon!










My friends and I were craving for some caramel apples so we decided to make some. I had my very first caramel apple just months ago in US at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and it was SO FREAKING GOOD.

We used this recipe and it tastes 95% similar to Rocky Mountain’s.


Homemade french toast / Salted caramel chocolate cupcake / Salad + Mentaiko onigiri / Mango sago

Unagi don from Rakuzen / Aburi sushi / DIY chain friendship bracelets / Mexican food from Baja fresh

Smore’s goldfish / Small bites from Food for Thought / Jars hanging from ceiling / Crackers with collagen O_O

Crumpet + poached egg / Yolk porn / Homemade caramel apples / Sticky buns

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Made gnocchi from scratch because the ready made ones are too expensive. It’s just dough for pete’s sake. I’ve made pumpkin gnocchi once but it wasn’t that good because I overcooked it.

Ingredients: 1 kg of potatoes (can be substituted with pumpkin or sweet potatoes), 2 beaten egg yolks, 1 1/2 cups flour, pinch of salt. Note: The potatoes must be baked for an hour until soft.

Traditional gnocchi has ridges because it allows the gnocchi to absorb more sauce.

Just roll the dough on the back of a fork.

This plate can serve 6 people.

I cooked the gnocchi in 3 ways:

Gnocchi in Prego’s alfredo sauce.

Gnocchi in Barilla’s basilico sauce with hotdog.

Gnocchi in aglio olio style. This was my favourite.

Had baked potato skins with cheddar cheese as well.

d.i.y: pencil wrap

i find that pencil wraps like these makes one more artsy. haha! however, only derwent sells them and they look pretty… boring. so,  i decided to make one myself.

introducing domo. i like hugging it to sleep very much.

polka dots and a red ribbon – my favourite pairing.

it’s not perfect though. i sewed the elastic too tightly. but hey, it’s my first time. at least i know what to do when i make another one next time.

p.s. anybody wants a customized pencil wrap for a price? :D FUND ME.

runny ramen egg recipe

I love runny ramen eggs and I have the recipe to do it!

Eggs (at room temperature)
White vinegar
A pot of iced water with loads of ice
Soba sauce

1. Boil a pot of water. When it’s boiling, put the eggs in slowly.
2. Leave it for 6 minutes and 30 seconds.
3. Meanwhile, add about 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar in the pot of iced water.
4. When time is up, transfer the eggs to the pot of cold water immediately.
5. You can start peeling 5 minutes later.
6. You can either drizzle soba sauce on the eggs or submerge them in the sauce for an hour in the fridge. (usually i’m pretty lazy to wait so i just drizzle :D)

Recipe is orginally from kelvin and kuma! Now you don’t have to eat ramen just for the runny eggs.