I’ve been sewing a lot during this Christmas season and giving them as gifts. Will post pictures of the rest soon!










I was doing research for my final year project and came across this picture. I was so inspired by it, I just had to replicate the hairstyle myself!

My hair’s not long enough so I had to make do with this style.

Used the fake hair braid band that i got from gmarket.

d.i.y: pencil wrap

i find that pencil wraps like these makes one more artsy. haha! however, only derwent sells them and they look pretty… boring. so,  i decided to make one myself.

introducing domo. i like hugging it to sleep very much.

polka dots and a red ribbon – my favourite pairing.

it’s not perfect though. i sewed the elastic too tightly. but hey, it’s my first time. at least i know what to do when i make another one next time.

p.s. anybody wants a customized pencil wrap for a price? :D FUND ME.

d.i.y: my first canvas bag

remember i was working on the cloth in this post? i’m finally done with it!

i was actually watching prison break while finishing it. it’s a wonder i didn’t make any mistakes. i’m into the last season and things are getting so exciting!

the sewing part was less time consuming. i even added an inner lining for my bag so that the insides won’t get dirty as fast.

the end product! the handles are abit wonky but i’m happy with it. the next one will be definitely much better. now, should i invest on a rotary cutter? i can’t seem to cut straight lines using the scissors. lol.

d.i.y: swallow printed cloth

so miu miu ignited the cat/swallow print trend.

brands like zara have been doing their darnest to attract girls like me to buy their inspired stuff. the dress is 60 bucks if you are wondering.

but i have an even cheaper alternative since my jeffrey campbell shoes gave a huge hit to my bank account recently. i’m planning to make a bag and a skirt using that cloth. i need a faster way to make the prints though. i’m like drawing them one by one using a fabric pen which is running out of ink soon.