IMG_0667I came to know about Esquina online via the food blogging community. It is opened by Michelin Star Chef Jason Atherton who was Gordon Ramsay’s protégé.

IMG_0668You should get seats inside so you can see the chefs in action. That’s the head chef, Andrew Walsh, who was a former Pollen Street Social executive sous chef for Jason Atherton.

IMG_0669For starters, we had the Iberico Bellota.

IMG_0671Spanish Breakfast – Slow-cooked egg, bravas sauce, potato & crispy iberico. This was so good! It’s one egg dish I wouldn’t mind paying $18 for.

IMG_0674Ham croquetas


IMG_0677Roast lamb rump, black olive polenta, baby romaine, anchovy chimichurri. I’m not a huge fan of lamb but this was so tender and juicy, I could definitely finish it on my own.

IMG_0678Honey wings with granola, oats and truffled milk. This dish was a chef’s special. I decided to order it because I was curious and intrigued about the combination. It really surprised me because it tasted really unique (in a good way).

IMG_0679If you order desserts, there will be a complimentary Sangria sorbet to wash your palette.

IMG_0681Chocolate tea ice cream, sponge sacher, pickled blackberries, hazelnut praline to end our meal.

I really enjoyed the food at Esquina and will definitely go back for more.

Note: Esquina does not take reservations so be there early for the first seating!



IMG_0721I had to stop by Wimbly Lu for dessert even though I was pretty full from The Cajun Kings. Ordered their highly raved Root beer cake and waffles.

IMG_0718This was so good! It really tasted like root beer without the fizz.

IMG_0717Could have 2 of these because the cake slice was pretty small.

IMG_0719Waffles with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream. Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy inside!

IMG_0713Random vintage mailbox outside.


IMG_0698I’m not a huge fan of seafood (except fish) but decided to give The Cajun Kings a try due to it’s unique concept.

Surprisingly, the place was pretty easy to find with the help of google maps.

IMG_0699Us with our plastic bibs!

IMG_0708We ordered 2 starters – fried calamari and fish & chips.

IMG_0704I have eaten many fish & chips throughout my life and I have to say that this one is probably one of the best. Instead of thick flour batter, breadcrumbs are used to coat this delectable fillet of catfish. It was light, juicy and full of flavour! The sweet potato fries are pretty good as well.

IMG_0706The calamari on the other hand was just okay for me. The fried batter kept falling off from the squid.

IMG_0710We also ordered 250 grams (about 8-10 pieces) of red sea prawns with king’s mix flavour. The prawns were huge and really fresh.

IMG_07112The mess we created.


IMG_0301Hoshino Coffee is a cafe chain from Japan and I can never resist anything that comes from the land of the sun. The fake food on display outside the cafe just calls out to me.

IMG_0310Fuwa fuwa hoshino souffle. This tasted pretty good until the next dish came.

IMG_0318Hoshino Pot Baked Curry Rice was delicious but it was not really worth the price. It’s a dish you can make yourself at home.

IMG_0322Lobster bisque soup spaghetti was decent.

IMG_0313Pancake Souffle Style with Matcha and Ogura Bean Paste. This actually came before our mains. We were told that the dessert will take 45 minutes to arrive so we decided to have all our dishes served together. In the end, our mains took ages to come.

I really liked the desserts here but I’m not sure if I want to go back again due to the service.


Ambush is located at the new wing of Plaza Singapura.


IMG_0098Breaded mushrooms and parmesan balls for appetizers.

IMG_0099The breaded mushrooms was good – crunchy on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside.

IMG_0100However, the parmesan balls tasted pretty weird.

IMG_0105Okay, I totally forgot what this dish was. But it kinda looks like aglio olio.


IMG_0106Crispy chicken aglio olio. I didn’t like the fact that they used the frozen karage chicken instead of making their own.

The food at ambush was decent. Though I have to say it’s a pretty good place to hang out with friends.