I really miss blogging :( Hate that I only have 4 hours (sometimes I get lesser than that) of me-time after I come home from work. But that’s life I guess.

insta74Pompoms for my cousin’s wedding decor / Sarpino’s pizza / Grilled teriyaki chicken from ichiban sushi / Aglio olio from pepperlunch

insta73Vanellope von Schweetz figurine (which I got after watching the movie) / DIY Paul frank keychain I made for a friend / Thai Basil Chicken / Parisienne breakfast from Wild Honey


Sorry I’ve been gone for so long! I was busy getting myself a full-time job. I have officially entered the workforce just 2 days ago but hey, at least I’m doing something I love. Kinda.

Egg benedict from pique nique / Dishonored / Huge stack of roti prata / Minced meat mushroom noodles

Scrambled eggs & smoked salmon on toast / Eleven fingers scissors cut rice / Crepe cake / Club sandwich from Paris Baguette

Ham & cheese ciabatta sandwich / Strawberry goodies from Leeam / Pasta from Saveur / Ghirardelli chocolates found at candylicious!!!

Panda figurines from Daiso / My new rayban nerd glasses


Homemade french toast / Salted caramel chocolate cupcake / Salad + Mentaiko onigiri / Mango sago

Unagi don from Rakuzen / Aburi sushi / DIY chain friendship bracelets / Mexican food from Baja fresh

Smore’s goldfish / Small bites from Food for Thought / Jars hanging from ceiling / Crackers with collagen O_O

Crumpet + poached egg / Yolk porn / Homemade caramel apples / Sticky buns

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