Random post!

From top (left to right): Agnes B. card wallet. Ted baker wallet. Rilakkuma coin pouch. HTC sensation phone with a polaroid case. ♥

Yoobao portable charger (this is so good because my phone always runs out of battery when I’m out the whole day). Acaci zero oil solution. Bath & Body work’s strawberry hand sanitizer. Pouch from H&M.

And lastly, my bag from Charles & Keith.



#1 Latest issue of lula and a pair of forever21 sunnies. Now that it’s so sunny everyday, I think we should all protect our eyes from the UV rays.

#2 HTC sensation. My new phone! I paid 45% for this phone while my dad paid the rest. I’m unbelievably broke now.

#3 Necklace from wardrobe flux’s grab bag.

#4 Art of alice: madness returns. Waiting for my income to increase substantially before I get the game.

I’m currently on a shopping ban until H&M opens in september and I’m doing well so far. :D


Chiffon top from Missypixie.

Longchamp Planètes tote in Night Blue. It’s a birthday gift from my aunt. She got it when she was in Europe.

A lovely pop-up in the February issue of little thing magazine.

88 warm palette from gmarket.

Palgantong loose power from gmarket as well. The packaging looks super chinese and unattractive but apparently, it’s widely used by celebrity make up artists in korea and japan. I’ve already started using it and I’m in love. It gives a flawless matte finish on your skin (I use it above my BB cream). You can read about it here.

I seriously feel like i’m getting vain with all these make up buys.


New clothes! Most are bought except for the lace top and the polkadot dress in the second row. I got them using a $50 voucher that I won from Stylerally! Do check them out.

Gmarket / MDS / F21 / Stylerally / Stylerally / F21

Big rilakkuma from kuma / Small rilakkuma from pongie and future cuz-in-law

Crochet bag from forever new.

Burberry brit sheer from Soo and Noo.

Editor’s Market chain bag from Leeam and Gwen.

Soap and glory’s mother pucker (so crude) lipgloss. Will do a review on it soon.

One of those japanese catalog bags from kinokuniya.


I never cared much about valentine’s day. I used to be a naive little girl who thinks being single is probably the best option. Sure, I’ve liked guys before but I liked them for how they looked and not how good there were inside. And I knew things won’t work out so keeping quiet was the best solution.

This year on this day, I feel so.. lonely. Looking at couples on the streets, stupid roses, stupid heart shaped things, stupid soft toys with hearts on them makes me hurt. I feel like ripping their heads out and feed them to the incinerator. Maybe I should just stick to the “being-single-is-the-best-option” mentality. Feeling lonely is better than being hurt.. I know God provides, have faith in Him blah blah. I know all the “textbook” answers in the bible but sometimes, it’s really hard to apply them if you know what I mean.

I know i have my friends… but they can only do so much for you. Just let me be emo for a while with no questions asked… I will be fine eventually but i don’t know when. Till then, Happy Valentine’s Day to those who are celebrating it. Treasure your other half.