feeling really sick right now. runny nose with sorethroat. not the best combination.

i bought my GC concert ticket today!!!

so happy! but i haven’t told my mom about it yet. maybe i’ll wait until after term test or something.

i went to my aunt’s house for art lesson today. basically, i just wanted her to teach me how to draw humans. the realistic kind. not anime. so i drew everything from hands to myself.

alright. i know it looks like crap but hey..not bad for a first timer right. this is my first self portrait ever. i don’t think it looks like me except for my ears and my hair? LOL.

this one was quite easy. i want to buy one for myself!!! or rather, i shall ask my mom to buy one for me. it’s like a guide for human posture. how cool is that.

oh well. i really need to sleep now. the sick girl needs her rest. ^^


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